You and your things have the potential to be organized.

Let me say that again a little louder...

YOU and your things have the potential to be organized!

Most people are doing some sort of organizing every day without even realizing it. Are you an artist? A teacher? Cooking dinner? Running to the store? You are participaing in some kind of organization. You may just need some help translating that into organizing your spaces and your things. That's what a professional organizer is for!

About slkrabbit DESIGNS llc

slkrabbit DESIGNS llc professional organizing serves Michiana by designing custom organization solutions to fit YOUR lifestyle. No two people are the same. Your organization systems shouldn't be either. slkrabbit DESIGNS llc is here to listen to your needs and help you discover your potential for organization. You can read more about my organization philosophy here.

About ShonShona and some organized shelvesa

My best days are when I spend time organizing. Whether it's my stuff, data, somebody else's stuff...I love organizing. I want things to be organized, and I love to actually organize them. I want my stuff to look neat and tidy. I need my calendar to contain everything that's going on in my life. I live for getting the appropriate containers - be they baskets, boxes, tins or folders - to put everything in. The Container Store is my happy place. Seriously. I walk in, and I feel like I'm home.

I organized in my "day job" for over a decade. My greatest strengths as a web designer were in listening to the needs and requirements of a site and determining the best way to categorize and display information in a way that is useful and attractive to the end user. I apply those same skills in organizing my home, my office, and even helping coworkers organize cabinets, workrooms, and storage spaces. That is also my goal for your organizing project!

In addition to my love of organization, I am a rabbit-owner, avid hockey fan, reader, tv-watcher and I enjoy making a little bit of jewelry now and then. (My husband will tell you I prefer organizing the jewelry over making it. Please don't tell him he's right!)

So, if you're ready for help discovering your organizing potential check out my blog and services or connect with me on social media.