ShonaWelcome to slkrabbit designs! I'm Shona Koehn, and I'm starting slkrabbit designs to help you do more than GET organized...I want to help you BE organized. While I am just starting out in the professional organizing business, I have been organizing in my professional life for over a decade. As a web designer, my greatest strengths have always been in listening to the needs and requirements of a site and helping to determine the best way to categorize and display information in a way that is useful and attractive to the end user. I apply those same skills in organizing my home, my office, and even helping my coworkers organzing cabinets, workrooms, and storage spaces.

That is also my goal for your organizing project! We will work together to determine what will work best for your stuff, your space, and your lifestyle so that your organization project won't just be a one-time thing. I will help you develop a system that will get you organized once and help you stay that way!

I have worked as a web designer and library system administrator for 14 years and have experience in project management, presentations, and organizing digital content.

In addition to my love of organization, I am a rabbit-owner, avid hockey fan, reader, tv-watcher and I enjoy making a little bit of jewelry now and then. (My husband will tell you I prefer organizing the jewelry over making it. Please don't tell him he's right!)