Unlikely Organizing

Sometimes we can learn about organizing from unexpected places.


slkrabbit and the Organization Ideas

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slkrabbit & the Organization Ideas

As a kid I loved The Baby-Sitters Club. It really appealed to me that this group of girls, not that much older than me, were smart, sensible and brave enough to notice a shortcoming in the way people would normally find a babysitter and actually do something about it. Why call a bunch of different people looking for a sitter when you could call one place and also get matched with someone who best fit your needs?!


The Importance of Sorting

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The Importance of Sorting: Organizing Lessons from Fiction

The first thing that happens to Harry Potter and his fellow first-year students when they arrive at Hogwarts is getting sorted into one of four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. It is with some difficulty that the Sorting Hat decided to put Harry in Gryffindor because he also had many traits belonging to those in Slytherin house. We later find out that Hermione, too, gave the Sorting Hat a challenge. She could have just as easily belonged in Ravenclaw as she did in Gryffindor.


Organizing Lessons Hockey Teaches

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Organizing Lessons Hockey Teaches

Would you believe it if I told you there are organizing lessons hockey teaches? I've been watching hockey for about 8 years now, and to be honest it still looks like chaos to me a lot of the time. About the only version of chaos that I find enjoyable, actually. But over the years I have discovered that there are quite a few organizing lessons that hockey teaches.

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