My Organization Philosophy

I love organization. I want things to be organized, and I love to actually organize them. I want my stuff to look neat and tidy. I need my calendar to contain everything that's going on in my life. I live for getting the appropriate containers - be they baskets, boxes, tins or folders - to put everything in. The Container Store is my happy place. Seriously. I walk in, and I feel like I'm home.

The thing about organization, though, is that it's a habit. It's a way of life. I hear so many people say that they need to "get organized," as if it's something you do once, and then "poof" you're done. It's kind of like saying you're going to get healthy or get the house clean. can lose weight or wipe off the counter. The problem, though, is in thinking that you can just get it done and that's the end of it. Yes, you can get organized, but ultimately getting organized isn't enough. You must decide to be organized.

If I'm being honest, I think that getting organized is the easy part. You feel such a sense of accomplishment when you can see the top of your desk again and actually use it to do your work. Keeping your desk neat and tidy all of the time, though? Not so easy. You have to really get in the habit of putting things away as you go. Mm-hmm. Yeah. I BET you'll file those papers at the end of the day when you're tired and ready to get home. NO! Put them away NOW.

Nothing I'm saying here is news. I haven't come up with some groundbreaking idea. Any organization book will tell you that maintenance is the key. For me the difference is in being. If you can change your mindset from getting organized to being organized, you may start to find that it all gets a little easier.

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