Organizers Don't Have to Cost a Lot of Money

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Organizers don't have to be expensive. There are a plethora of ways you can repurpose existing items you have around the house to use when you organize. And you don't have to be a Pinterest-crafting wizard to make it happen. Here's an option that I whipped up in 30 minutes, but it didn't even have to take that long.

I wanted something to store plastic spoons in in my desk drawer at my day job, but I didn't want to spend money purchasing drawer organizers. (Been there, done that, left them all in the drawers when I left the job.) As I was finishing my last box of tea, I realized it was the perfect size for the spoons and wasn't going to cost me a thing.


My homemade drawer organizers

Stash Chai Green Tea - affiliate linkThe top of these Stash tea* boxes are conveniently perforated so they come off easy.

I could have stopped there. It's stuck in a drawer that nobody sees. Easy peasy!

I happened to have my washi tape* in the office from when I decorated my door for Christmas, so I decided to pretty it up a bit.

You could see the printing on the box through the tape, so I started by using a glue stick and a piece of white printer paper to wrap the outside of the box.

From there I grabbed the washi tape I wanted to use and got to wrapping it around the box.

Here's my final result:

Tea box to drawer organizers

And there you have it! Simple, pretty, and only 30 minutes of effort. I plan on making some more as I continue to finish off boxes of tea!

You could do similar projects with shoe boxes, cardboard oatmeal or hot chocolate containers, or any old cardboard box. Just make sure you clean up anything that had food in it before you repurpose it.

Do you have any go-to cheap-and-easy organizng solutions? Share them in the comments!


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