Paper Planners Making a Comeback

Paper planners are making a comeback. Or maybe they never left, and they're just now popping back up to the forefront for me. I'm actually not really sure. What I do know is that I've heard more people talking about planners, and it seems like I've seen more varieties at the store than I remember before.

And don't even get me started on the Facebook ads. Who knew that you could be targeted for so many kinds of specialized paper planners because you took two minutes to look at one online?!

The thing about the paper planner craze, though, is that I myself am buying back in.

Using technology to replace paper planners

For years now I've depended heavily on technology tools for my calendar and task lists. This was especially true in my last job, where it was uber-handy to have all of the things I need to do pop up reminders and keep me on track. As far as calendars go, I'm not actually likely to change this practice any time soon. It's just too helpful to have 6 different overlapping Google Calendars to keep everything on the schedule color-coded and remind me of important dates or meetings.

As I've been building my business, however, and trying to keep myself on track when setting my own schedule, I've discovered how much easier it is to get my tasks done if they are written down.

Handwriting power

There have been studies done about the power of writing things down (you can check out this article from Huffington Post), and over the last few months I have discovered how true it is. When I switched from making lists on my phone to writing down my to-dos, I discovered it was much easier to actually get through them. I also didn't have to waste time by unlocking my phone and opening my list app. My list was just sitting there next to me. All I had to do was glance at it.

Another thing that made a difference for me was that I felt like I had accomplished so much more when I picked up a pen to cross something off as finished. It's so much more satisfying than clicking a checkbox in an app. Plus marking THROUGH something makes the things LEFT to do stand out more on my list. I'm sure there's fancy psychology behind that, too. The main thing I can tell you is that it WORKS!

So while I don't think I'm likely to switch back to a paper calendar or go full Franklin Covey on things anytime soon, I do think that I'm going to check out one of the many options for goal-setting or task-listing paper planners to keep this trend of mine going. It doesn't just keep me writing down my plans... it gives me a chance to find something fun and pretty to write them in, too!!

What about you? Technology or paper for your planning needs? Have you ever made the switch? Share in the comments!


I've gone pretty much fully digital with my calendar and to-do list, but I really miss drooling over all the different planner options and starting fresh with a new one every year!

There are definitely lots of drool-worthy options these days. Especially when you factor in pens and stickers and things, too!

I like how I can hold a year in my hand with my paper calendar! It is an excellent summary of what I have accomplished. I also track the books I've read in the back. I feel a sense of accomplishment as I see my unique handwriting on the pages. :)

I love the idea of holding a year in your hands. It's a great visual, and it sounds like you really get to see how you've spent your time with the way you track things.

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