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Better Homes & Gardens Storage IssueI'm a sucker for a magazine about storage and organization. There's just something so irresistable about the promise of all of those storage ideas and organization tips! Flipping through it in the checkout like isn't enough...I have to pick it up and buy it. I've tried downloading emagazine versions before, but turning the real paper pages of the printed magazine is much more fulfilling.



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Milk aisleWe've all been there. You're in a hurry at the grocery store. You just need to grab a gallon of milk, and there's some lady with her cart blocking the whole aisle while she examines the labels on every container of almond milk and soy milk, trying to decide which one is the way to go.


My Organization Philosophy

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I love organization. I want things to be organized, and I love to actually organize them. I want my stuff to look neat and tidy. I need my calendar to contain everything that's going on in my life. I live for getting the appropriate containers - be they baskets, boxes, tins or folders - to put everything in. The Container Store is my happy place. Seriously. I walk in, and I feel like I'm home.


The Thing About...Ralph Strangis

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Ralph Strangis was, until 4/23/15, the play-by-play announcer for the Dallas Stars. He announced on Thursday that he would be leaving the team to start "Act 2."

Ralph Strangis is basically synonymous with Dallas Stars hockey. Before I started watching the Stars on TV, I think I had been to one Tulsa Oilers game. I knew nothing about the sport, but I had Ralph to tell me about the game. I don't think I could have asked for a better teacher.

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