Shona and some organized shelvesI'm supposed to tell you what you're going to get out of being here. Why you are supposed to keep coming back for more. Well, the best I can say is that you're going to get ME. Right now it's mostly my thoughts, ideas and suggestions about organizing. You may find a little hockey or music or random things thrown in here and there.

So, who is ME?

I'm Shona, and I've been a ballet dancer, a marching band geek, a jewelry-maker, a public library web designer and database administrator, a short-term professional organizer, and currently a data manager/analyst for a non-profit organization.

I love to organize stuff and I love to organize data. I am a wife and step-mom, rabbit-owner, reader, tv-watcher and I enjoy making a little bit of jewelry now and then. (My husband will tell you I prefer organizing the jewelry over making it. Please don't tell him he's right!) I love Hanson, Harry Potter, Dallas Stars hockey, and more tv series than I should admit.

Who knows if what you find here is something you want to come back for, but it's 100% me. :-)