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Storage Magazines

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Storage Magazines - You may not be magazine-ready but you can still be organized

I'm a sucker for storage magazines. There's just something so irresistible about all of those storage ideas and organization tips! Flipping through it in the checkout line isn't enough...I have to pick it up and buy it. I've tried downloading emagazine versions before, but turning the real paper pages of the printed magazine is much more fulfilling. Of course they are filled with interesting tips and images of beautiful rooms, and there is a lot of practical stuff in there that you can try on your own. I feel like there's a problem with these magazines, though.



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Awareness - Pay attention to what surrounds you

We've all been there - that situation where it seems like everyone around us lacks awareness that we're on the same planet, let alone right next to them. You're in a hurry at the grocery store. You just need to grab a gallon of milk, and there's some lady with her cart blocking the whole aisle while she examines the labels on every container of almond milk and soy milk, trying to decide which one is the way to go.


Organizing Philosophy

Posted by slkrabbit
Organizing Philosophy - Everyone has potential to be organized

I have some good news and bad news about my organizing philosophy.

The good news

Everyone has the potential to be organized. I think every person does some kind of organizing in their life, even if they don't recognize it that way. To tap into your organizing potential, you might just need help figuring out what skills you already have. Then you can apply those skills to other types of organizing.

The bad news

Being organized takes work.

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