3 Tips to Transition from Everyday Use to Guest Bathroom

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If you're fortunate enough to have a dedicated guest bathroom - one that doesn't have to serve for every day use as well - woohoo! For the rest of us, though, typically the bathroom available to our guests also has to be used for someone who lives in the house every day. This double-duty guest bathroom presents its own set of challenges for preparing for friends or family to come over. If they are just coming for a short visit that doesn't involve an overnight stay, you mostly want to be able to pick up quickly so they don't see your stuff. If they are spending the night, however, there's another set of challenges to contend with.

  1. It gets used every day, so it's not as clean as it could be.
  2. You have stuff you need to use that your guests don't need access to.
  3. Your guests have their own products that they need to leave in there.

The layout of your bathroom and the type of storage you have is going to have an impact on how easy it is to transition from everyday use to guest bathroom. But there are some things that will be useful for everyone, regardless of their specific bathroom.

3 tips for an easy transition from everyday to guest bathroom

Keep your everyday items corralled

If you want to make the guest bathroom transition quickly, the best way to do so is to keep your products corralled at all times. If guests pop in unexpectedly and you have hair products and makeup spread out all over the counter, it's going to take you longer to hide your everyday items. Not to mention the likelihood of breaking things goes up when you're frantically throwing everything out of sight. I suggest finding a shower caddy or compartmentalized basket to store your stuff.

I like something like this bath caddy*. It has good-sized compartments for holding large items. If that's too big, it comes in two additional sizes. There are also a variety of colors to match your decor, or go with clear to easily see what's inside. If plastic's not your thing, there are options like this fabric option* with configurable compartments, or this cute metal one* (which is actually designed for cutlery) that even comes with labels. You might even be able to repurpose a 6-pack container from pop or beer bottles if you're on a budget.

Keep storage under the sink as clear as possible

Guest bathrooms are a convenient place to store cleaning supplies, hand soap refills, extra toilet paper, etc. It keeps those products out of the way in other cabinets that you're using more often. If you regularly need to prepare this bathroom for your guests, though, it's a good idea to keep this space as clear as possible. This is actually the best place to store the things your guests are going to need and store your everyday things during their stay. When it's time for them to come over, pull out your guest supplies, put your everyday products underneath, and voila! Your bathroom is guest-ready. I also suggest keeping some cleaning wipes under the sink or in a drawer nearby for quickly wiping down the counter and mirror when you're making the swap.

If you have a pedestal sink or very limited built-in storage in your bathroom, I highly recommend the use of a bathroom etagere. We have one of these in each of our bathrooms, and they have been a lifesaver!! I was amazed at how much stuff we are able to store on them. We have basic metal ones (similar to this*) from WalMart, and they are even somewhat attractive with nice bins and baskets. You could also splurge a bit and get one with enclosed storage* to up the aesthetics.

Make certain items accessible for your guests

I'm very particular about my hair and body products, so I travel with all of my own. It's possible that your guests might be happy to use what's available to them at their destination, though. So like a hotel, it might not be a bad idea to have some items on hand for them in the guest bathroom. Shampoo, conditioner, bath soap and toothpaste are always a good idea to keep available. It's also a good idea to have some basic medical supplies such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, bandages, and Pepto-Bismol* in an easily accessible place. Because who wants to ask their host for diarrhea meds, right?!

And on that note, help your guest out by keeping extra toilet paper and the plunger* near the toilet so they don't have to go digging. You can find some attractive options, and then they're also right there if you need them on a regular basis.

Again you can utilize a pretty basket or caddy to store the necessity items for your guests. When it's time for company pull the basket out of storage and set it out so they can see right away that you've thought about their needs without making them ask.

You're now on your way to an easy transition from everyday bath to guest bathroom!

By corralling your everyday items, keeping the space under your sink clear for swapping out your products for guest products, and making certain items accessibly for your guests, you'll have an easier time when your guest bathroom is one that you're using on a regular basis. And, really, it's going to make YOUR use of the bathroom more convenient, too. Of course these are just a few of many ways you might prep your bathroom to share.

What things do you do to transition your bathroom from everyday use to use by your guests? Share in the comments!


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