My Favorite Ways to Procrastinate

Last week I kicked off National Procrastination Week early and talked about the main reason I procrastinate. Now that we're halfway through the week, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite ways to procrastinate.

My top 4 favorite ways to procrastinate

1. TV

This is by far my most utilized procrastination technique. Between 82 hockey games per season, DVR, Netflix and movies, it's easy to lose myself in hours of binge-watching. I mean, there's only so much space on the DVR. I can't let things pile up TOO long. It just wouldn't be right. But I'm very organized about it. I always watch the shows that were recorded first so that I have room for the new ones. If I'm following the one-in-one-out rule, that counts for something, right?!

2. Playing with the bunnies

I am kind of ridiculous about my rabbits. Anyone who knows me will tell you that. They're adorable. Who can resist those furry little faces?! Especially when there's something else I should be doing. They NEED me to pay attention to them. They're just helpless little furballs. Obviously the love and care of living. beings. MUST take precedence over anything else I might have to do.

3. "Research"

This is a great one. Often times when you find me scouring the internet for articles about something, it's because I'm telling myself that I really need the information before I can proceed with the thing I really should be doing. That's especially true if I'm stuck for ideas on a blog post, or there's something I'm less experienced at doing. What's great about "research" is that it's easy to tell myself that it's productive time that I need to put in so I can put my best foot forward. And of course sometimes I really DO need to do research on a topic, but sometimes it really is just a delay tactic.

4. Social Media

Of course social media is on this list. Especially Twitter. Again, it's not always useless time because I think it can be important to see what other organizers are writing and talking about on social media. Other organizers have different points of view and tips and ideas that are worth sharing. But it doesn't take much to go from using Twitter to share and build community to scrolling mindlessly through the feed without actually retweeting or connecting in any way. And don't even get me started on how much time can disappear while I'm on Pinterest. I try to be selective about what I pin and adding my own comments and ideas when I do so, so it can really turn into a time suck. It's just such a visually pleasing time suck!

So those are my favorite ways to procrastinate. How do you like to spend your time when you're putting off something you need to do? Share in the comments.

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